Youth Against Racism & Inequality

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1 Year since Gardaí killed George Nkencho - Candlelit Walk to say Never Again!14th Dec. 2021St Brigids Church, Blanchardstown 

Just six months after the wave of historic BLM solidarity protests in Ireland, George Nkencho became the first black man to be killed by the police. In front of his family, George was shot five times, twice in the back, while trying to enter his home during a mental health episode which triggered an altercation with Garda. The shocking brutality of the killing laid bare the racism and backwardness of the Irish state.

A few months later in Blanchardstown (the same area George lived) a heavily armed man was arrested without the use of lethal force, after an hours long siege and shooting two Garda. Why was the same approach not available for George?

The Gardai responsible MUST face immediate suspension pending a public inquiry with family and community participation, that takes into account race and class bias.

The system is racist!

YARI’s recent survey found that 35% of people of colour and Travellers have been randomly stopped and/or searched by GardaiLast summer, a survey revealed that not a single Gardai interviewed had a positive view of TravellersImmigrants & people of colour are constantly scapegoated for the crises in housing and healthcareThe EU Fundamental Rights Agency revealed that Ireland has second highest rate of racist attacks in the EU
No justice in a system rigged against ordinary people

#JusticeforGeorgeNkencho means ensuring that what happened to George never happens again. It means challenging a state where the majority of people of colour and Travellers experience racism, discrimination and abuse.

Get active to fight for:

community forums & hate crime legislations to hold Gardai & racist abusers into accountanti-racist training organised by anti-racist groups and Trade Unions in all schools, workplaces and communitiesmass investment in housing to defeat the housing crisis disproportionately impacting people of colour and immigrantsmass investment in mental health services that could have prevented George’s mental breakdown in the first place
‘We’re going to fight racism... with solidarity’ - Fred Hampton

The whole system, capitalism, is set up against ordinary people. It is based on the ruthless pursuit of profit and exploitation of all working class people. For example in Ireland 16 billionaires own over €30 billion and have increased their wealth during the pandemic meanwhile there are raging housing, health and low pay crises. The system relies on oppression and perpetuates division to function.

The Garda and judicial system, the political establishment, and even the media have a vested interest in the system and in perpetuating backward ideas like racism, sexism and all types of discrimination - there is no justice in a system rigged against ordinary people.

Last year, #BlackLivesMatter (the biggest protests in US history) resurged after the killing of George Floyd by police. The movement and global solidarity give us a glimpse of the potential for mass multiracial, international movements of young and working class people that put solidarity front and centre - it is in that context that police officer Derek Chauvin was historically found guilty of murder. We can win real victories against racism and inequality.

YARI was established after the historic BLM protests last summer & want to help build an anti racist, anti capitalist force that fights for solidarity and united struggle against a rotten system.

Help us build the anti-racist force we need and join YARI today!