Youth Against Racism & Inequality

Upcoming activities!

Summer of Soul21th July 2023 @ 8pm-2amWorkman's Club (Dublin) 

‘I’ll tell you what freedom is to me — No fear’ (Nina Simone)
Summer of Soul ‘23 was named after the documentary that uncovered the incredible footage of the 1969 Black festival in Harlem. In the midst of the civil rights movement — as well as struggles against the Vietnam war & for LGBT and women‘s liberation — this festival saw hundreds of thousands of young & working class people of colour come together in what was a cultural rebellion part of a broader struggle for freedom.
3 years after BLM in Ireland, and in the face of a right wing backlash emboldening the far right and increasing violence towards all oppressed, poor and working class people — it is time for us to say ‘no more’. On Friday 21st July, join us in Workman's to not only sing, dance & celebrate the thriving ethnic communities of Dublin, but also to continue the building of a summer of struggle against racism & the fascist threat.