Youth Against Racism & Inequality

Upcoming activities!

Leaflet launch for truth & justice for George Nkencho21st April 2022, 2pm & 6.30pmHuntstown Shops (Dublin 15)Join us for the launch of our new leaflet to put pressure on GSOC and expose the truth about what happened to George and start bringing justice to his family and community.
Second leafleting action in Blanchardstown6th May 2022, 6pmHartstown, outside Community Centre 
Leafleting for Justice for George Nkencho in CORK13th May 2022, 6pmPatrick's Street 

A year ago today, the shockingly brutal Garda killing of George Nkencho on his own doorstep and in front of his family, within 20 minutes of an altercation at a shop, laid bare the racism within the Gardaí and Irish state.A few months later in Blanchardstown, an armed man with a criminal record actually shot two Gardaí and was arrested after a 7 hour standoff, after negotiators convinced him to give himself up. Why was the same approach not taken with George, who had mental health issues and no criminal record? Why wasn’t there a professional negotiator to deescalate the situation? Why was he instead shot 5+ times, including two shots in his back? And why was there a 4-second gap before the last shot?No travesty of justice – Gardaí must face trial now!The GSOC (Garda Ombudsman) shambolic investigation has broken a promise to the family of coming back with a report before the end of the year and failed to:
- interview family witnesses for 28 days or the Gardaí for 9 weeks;
- process vital evidence for months;
- recommend the Gardaí who fired the shots be taken off duty upon investigation.
This should have been a proper public inquiry with family and community participation, that took into account race and class bias. What if Gardaí don’t cooperate or take the infamous ‘oath of omertà’ where they don’t tell on their colleagues?It is scandalous that the Gardaí responsible for firing the shots are STILL serving Gardaí while being investigated for killing a young man. They MUST account for their actions and should face trial.The far right racists are active -stand up to rigged lies now!Social media went into overdrive immediately after George’s killing. A deliberate far-right campaign has now been exposed by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue as as the sources of lies and misinformation:Mere hours after the shooting, hundreds of posts from 21 far-right ethnonationalist / anti-immigrant Telegram channels began using George’s killing to consciously stir up racial tensions. They told followers to avoid going to protests or getting into discussions about the incident and to “stay home... make memes, gig up stats, turn on your VPN and get trolling”. They spread vile lies that George had “39 convictions” and that he had “beaten up his girlfriend with a hammer” and “robbed numerous other people.”***“We’re not outnumbered, we’re out organised” - Malcolm XWe cannot let appalling lies and defective investigations dictate justice:- The multicultural working-class communities of Blanchardstown organised together as part of national struggles helped win on water charges, Repeal and marriage equality.- Last year, the mass multiracial #BlackLivesMatter movement that put solidarity front and centre won the conviction of police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder George Floyd. Police killings dropped as much as 20% in cities where protests took place.By learning from those historic struggles, we can build a grassroots campaign in Blanchardstown & across Ireland that collectively puts pressure on the establishment and
wins real victories.
___________________________________________What is Youth Against Racism & Inequality (YARI)?In summer 2020, in the aftermath of the historic BLM protests, young activists in Ireland launched YARI, a youth organisation that believes there can be no justice under capitalism, a system rigged against ordinary people that ruthlessly profits from the exploitation of all working-class people and the planet, and relies on oppression and division to function.While the Gardaí, the courts and the government, and even the media, seek to uphold this system; organised action from below can achieve real change: for example the recent school walkouts against racism in Glanmire Community College in Cork won an inclusivity forum in the school.YARI fights for united campaigns like these to help challenge racist ideas, create the solidarity we crucially need, and win change for all those affected by the noxiously unequal capitalist system we live in. Join us today!
___________________________________________Help us build that campaign by joining YARI today to demand:
- an independent, public and thorough investigation, that takes into account race and class bias
- immediate suspension of the Gardaí who fired the shots. They should not be working while being investigated
- community control of the police and democratic forums to which Gardaí are answerable to the communities they serve
- hate crime legislation to help challenge the far-right and racists
- anti-racist training organised by anti-racist groups in all schools, workplaces and communities
- mass investment to resolve the housing, health and education crises affecting all working-class people, and people of colour and immigrants disproportionately.