Youth Against Racism & Inequality

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Leaflet11th March 2023 @ 12.30-2pmHenry Street, Ilac Shopping Centre 

YARI, ROSA - Socialist Feminist Movement and Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin are organising this national rally to discuss and organise resistance to the fascists and far-right in Ireland and their transphobia, racism and misogyny.Far-right and fascist organisers' main focus has been to spread poisonous racism against refugees fleeing war and persecution but they are preparing to target the LGBTQIA+ community, progressive sex education in schools and even the abortion rights we have just won. They want to turn the clock back on the progressive change that has been driven by young people from below.The actions of far-right organisers on social media and on the streets have real consequences. People of colour, migrants, refugees and LGBTQIA people have been threatened and have been attacked. This Government is shifting further to the right in its rhetoric and is also imposing harsher treatment of refugees, along with the EU.We need to act urgently to stop the development of a fascist movement here. They create scapegoats to blame for the conditions that flow from the crisis in the capitalist system in many countries. They support the brutal and unjust capitalist system. They support landlords over tenants; bosses over workers; and warmongers over refugees. We need to unite and organise against the fascist far-right and the system.Come to the rally on 1st April, bring your friends, colleagues and classmates. Find out more about what we can do to resist the fascist threat.